Vending Machines In Schools


Many schools have several vending machines that are accessible the whole day. Students who are the targeted customers for these vending machines sit in common areas having sodas and snacks and doing their homework. Many of these students just sit down and watch TV, video games and others instead of going to the field and do exercise, and as a result, they become overweight. A high percentage of students are given money to spend in these vending machines by their parents. Most parents don’t know what their children eat for lunch though they assume that they eat food that is offered in schools.

As a result, many parents are blaming the school management for the problem of overweight in their children.  They claim they feed their kids healthy meals at home and give them money to eat at school. Such claims force school management to eliminate vending machines to avoid temptations of bad eating habits of students. Many schools restrict opening of vending machine during lunch hour. This is to encourage students to eat the nutritious food from the school. But still, there those students that drive outside the school to go and select food items they want from local stores. For more info about vending machines, check out

Schools are good locations for Healthy You Vending machines for most people. Vending machines do lots of business despite the many challenges they meet. Students enjoy the freedom of selecting the food item they want from a vending machine. Vending machine owners can collaborate with parents and teachers to change some of their menus. This will help the vending machine owners to offer still healthy options that are suitable for students. Instead of soda drinks, they are offered water, sports drinks, and natural juices. Instead of the sugary snack, they choose from nuts, yogurts fresh fruits and crackers.

Healthy You Vending machines that offer healthy foods in schools might increase their sales because the staff will also start purchasing food from them as well. Most grownups avoid sugary drinks and snacks on a regular basis, so they will prefer the one who is offering healthy alternatives. The school administration may not have any issue with the machines. As long as you are planning to start a vending machine where you will offer healthy foods, they will be willing to get you in. This will end up being very profitable for your business. Providing the best products that the clients need on regular basis is a precipitate to great sales.


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